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Athletics facts

  • Athletics has been included since the launch of The Empire Games in 1930. It is a core sport and therefore must be included in every games 
  • Athletes aim to run faster, jump better and throw farther across a range of disciplines 
  • Track events: 100m, 110mH, 200m, 400m, 400mH, 800, 1500, 3000mSC, 5000m, 10,000m 
  • Road events: Marathon, 10k Race Walk (women), 20k Race Walk (men) 
  • NI first competed in athletics in the 1934 London Commonwealth Games
  • NI’s first gold in athletics was Thelma Hopkins in HJ in the Vancouver 1954 Games
  • In the Christchurch 1974 Games, NI wont gold in both the decathlon (Michael Bull) and the Pentathlon (Mary Peters)
  • NI have won a total of 19 medals in athletics in the Commonwealth Games thus far 
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