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Gymastics facts

  • Artistic Gymnastics is a core sport, first introduced in 1978 
  • It is competed by male and females in individual, all-round and team events 
  • Women compete over four disciplines: floor, uneven bars, vault and beam 
  • Male compete over six disciplines: floor, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar, rings and pommel horse
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics was first introduced in the 1990 games 
  • It is competed by females only 
  • Disciplines include: ball, clubs, hoop, ribbon, rope, individual all-round and ground all-round
  • NI first comepeted in artisitic gymnastics in the Auckland 1990 Games
  • At the Gold Coast 2018 Games NI brought home a gold in the mens pommel horse (Rhys McClenaghan)
  • NI first competed in rhythmic gymnastics in the Victoria 1994 Games 
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