King of the Gnoblars

Not to be outdone by the raygunners, the pointy stick crowd have launched their 2012 campaign with a successful outing to Cork. Despite some mechanical issues on the way down the crew managed to kick some ass and bring home the cool trophy. Barry took it down to become the new Gnoblar king, Ivan was 5th, Matt 10th, Derm 14th and Kev 19th. There were 24 players in total. Well done guys!

The boys done good

Itzacon 2011

Four of our raygunners made the long trip to Galway for Itzacon 2011. It was an opportunity for us to try out some possible ETC lists in a competitive environment, and pick up some ranking points for Poland 2012. There’s still quite a bit of list tweaking to be done, but we all in all things went pretty well. In a field of 26, I finished 3rd, John was 10th, Row was 12th and Shane was 13th. We’ve gained some valuable knowledge (keep your landspeeders far away from hydras for one) that should help with further fine tuning.  Here’re the results:

The boys done good

TNI Caps

I’ve added a page showing who has represented TNI in competitive international competitions and the number of caps they have earned.

Calendar is live

I’ve finally gotten around to working out how to do this blogging thing. The calendar now contains some upcoming events you might want to attend, either for some practice with your ETC armies, or to gather some qualification points for Poland 2012.

Team NI 2011 Revealed

The tourney results have been checked, the wild cards have been picked, and we have our two teams for Switzerland 2011. So here they are:

TNI 2011 – WFB

Shane Baxter (Captain)

Ivan Magowan (Vice Captain)

Dermot Maguire

Matt Hamill

Ross McCarroll

Barry Lynch

Kevin Rothwell

Martin Metcalfe

Chris Mullan (Sub)

TNI 2011 – 40K

Jonny Fisher (Captain)

John Stowe (Vice-Captain)

Jan Karnowski

Shane Porter

Rowan Sheridan

James Jennings

David McCurdy

Luke Carlisle

Matt McVeigh (Sub)

Congratulations to everyone who made the teams, and many thanks to everyone who took part. Qualification has already started for ETC 2012 Poland (and that should be a damn sight cheaper than Switzerland), so keep hitting the tournaments and entering your results.

Registering events

Well after some more work you can see the register results pages at the top, please note that you have to have registered your interest before you can register your result.

To keep track of the events that we allow your captain also has to register the event in the captains area so if you can’t select an event you have attended please poke your captain or vice captain to add the event to the list.

Scoring on side widget are not sorted as yet but that is next on my list of jobs.

registration of players

You will now see a new page called registration, this is to gather information on players wanting to qualify for this years ETC. If you are wanting to play please fill in this form.

When I get the rankings finished this will also allow you to appear in our rankings widget.


The Committee

Well the team captains and committee have been named.

David McCurdy

40K Captain:
Jonny Fisher

40K Vice Captain:
John Stowe

WFB Captain:
Shane Baxter

WFB Vice Captain:
Ivan Magowan

and now you know who to get in touch with if you have any issues …


Forum is now set up and default boards set up.

See the side menu for the link