So, it’s been quite a while since the blog was last updated and it’s about time we brought it back to life. Here’s a quick summary of what has happened since the last update:

40K Home Nations – In April the raygunners headed down to Cork for the HNE. The team was Jonny – IG, John – SW, David – BA, Shane – BT, Alan – TYR, Matt – ELD, James – SM, Row – DE. We managed to hold the defending champions Team Ireland to a draw, and beat the Barbarians for a much improved 5th place finish.

WFB Home Nations – In June the pointy stick crew headed off to Scotland for their HNE. With a few drop outs, it was left to a makeshift team of Shane, Barry, Derm, Kev, Ross, Squeek, Marlowe and BoJo, to do the business, which theu certainly did, with a very creditible 3rd place.

ETC 2011 – In August both teams travelled to Switzerland for the main event, where we had a good time and some good results. The 40Kers finally got rid of the wooden spoon finishing 20/24, drawing with Austria and Greece, beating Norway (who didn’t actually turn up for the match), and losing to Sweden, Russia and the Mercenaries. The WFB crew managed to finish 23/28 with wins against Hungary and Serbia, a draw against Wales, and losses to Russia, Australia and Czech. The brave souls who travelled to Switzerland were:


Jonny – IG

John – SW

Shane P – BT

Jan – ORK

David – BA

James – GK

Row – DE

Matt M – SM


Shane B – DOC

Barry – SKV

Matt H – LIZ

Squeek – BRT

Ross – O&G

Derm – DWF

Kev – VC

Marty – WOC