Hi guys and girls but more likely guys!

I just want to introduce myself as Team Northern Ireland’s 40k captain. I started playing 40k back in 2nd edition – only played a few games but really enjoyed it. I came back to 40k in 2009 playing 5th edition. I discovered that there are a lot of other people that play the game in clubs – which was new to me as I was playing it on the kitchen table maybe once a month. I joined Lisburn Gaming Club and was made to feel very welcome. I discovered that there are 40k competitions. The first one I went to was great craic – even though I came last I still had a blast and met people who since then have become good friends.

I fell in with a group of gamers known as the Northern Wasters affectionately known as “The Wasters” who have been attending and running events for a number of years. There are a large number of tournaments run in N.Ireland and Rep of Ireland of which these guys attend and run. Big props to Jonny Fisher – J65, who has stoked the fire of the NI 40k scene! Going to an event became not just a trip to try out my latest army list against different types of armies and players but an excuse to meet up with what were now friends from across the country.

I found out about the European Team Championships. This is an international competition where each country sends 8 players to do battle on the tabletop over a weekend in the summer. After attending quite the number of tournaments throughout the year I achieved enough ranking points to join the Team NI squad that was going to Switzerland at the ETC. I didn’t win ANY of my games but had a blast anyway! My experience of ETC 2011 developed me as a player and I started to do much better at tournaments and finally winning one just before I went to Poland for ETC 2012.

Poland was a blast and getting our armies to the event was made much easier thanks to http://www.krmulticase.com/. I soon discovered that I can not play 40k hungover or tired! I did very well the first 2 days scoring good points in my 4 games. On the 2nd night I went out and had a bit too much to drink and ended up with 1 hour sleep before the event kicked off on the final day. Result can been seen in this ETC documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHOEA_-xx1A *hint – scroll to the very end!*

If you are interested in taking part in some tournaments I urge you to do so! Check out the Team Northern Ireland website www.teamni.org and join our very active forums. Register your interest in trying out for TNI http://www.teamni.org/?page_id=25. We discuss lists and tactics – going into more detail in the team section. Now that 6th Edition has dropped we need your help to find powerful army lists and allied combinations! I know there are talented people in NI that play this great game of ours. Join the fun!

My 40k tournament trips so far: All across the Republic, England, Switzerland, Poland. Further oversea trips are planned for this coming year…

Rowan (row)